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The gateway for open-source innovation to drive the HVAC industry forward

Two HVAC technicians work together to inspect/repair a condensing unit outside.

Achieve Worthy Goals

Identify problems in HVAC unsolved by proprietary systems to develop solutions and promote the results for all to use.
Syndicate the best open-source solutions that can achieve #betterHVAC outcomes for HVAC professionals & homeowners.
Generate open-source tools, software, hardware, and datasets that can be used by HVAC practitioners to improve their craft.

Empower Innovation

This online community is for anyone interested in learning about, advancing, and commercializing open-source ideas, technology, products, and services for the mechanical trades, building science, and building automation.

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Discord is a communication platform used by OpenHVAC to facilitate real-time discussions and collaboration among community members and developers interested in open-source HVAC projects.