About The openhvac community

Addressing the Challenges

In recent decades, the study of Building Science has drawn attention to the massive health and energy impacts of buildings large and small. The HVAC industry is a core piece of the building puzzle, leading to a sudden explosion of advancements in technologies like heat pumps, energy-recovery ventilation, and thermal storage. These rapid changes are putting immense pressure on HVAC Trades to deploy new tech without the tools they need to succeed: transparent & flexible control systems, comprehensive & secure data logging, and straightforward interconnectivity solutions to orchestrate & fine-tune increasingly complex systems. Building Science professionals, other growing Trades like Energy Raters & Building Automation Technicians, and even homeowners who just want a window into these newfangled comfort systems all stand to benefit from open data & control platforms. We believe the industry can, and will, evolve away from proprietary, closed-source products and towards libre/open-source systems in response to these challenges.

Who We Are

The OpenHVAC Community emerges as a meeting place and collaboration platform for all those who wish to see open-source principles flourish in the built environment. We are a collective of HVAC professionals, home automation enthusiasts, Building Science practitioners, creative tinkerers, and technology-freedom advocates. Our mission is to democratize access to cutting-edge technology and industry best practices, making them accessible to anyone involved in the design and construction of the buildings we inhabit. We believe open-source innovation is the fastest and safest pathway towards a future where the technology, products, and services for the building industry are mutually beneficial for everyone.

Our Approach

Educational Outreach: We are committed to educating the public about the transformative potential of open-source in enhancing their daily lives.
Innovation and Problem-Solving: Our focus is on exploring new concepts and tackling unsolved challenges in the HVAC sector.
Learning and Development: We emphasize continuous learning and skill development as we solve these problems.
Collaborative Growth: We believe collaborations and knowledge-sharing between Makers and the Trades can elevate the entire building industry.
Inclusivity: Our community is inclusive of all stakeholders in the building industry, from hands-on Trades to anyone who sets foot indoors.
Sustainable Commercialization: We support and encourage the commercialization of open-source technologies, ensuring their longevity, stability, and widespread adoption.

Our Goals

Public Education: We aim to enlighten the public and professionals alike as to how open-source values can revolutionize the built environment.
Project Launch and Growth: We provide a platform on which we encourage our members to initiate, document, and promote their open-source projects, as well as receive feedback and engagement from the community.
Commercialization Enablement: We serve as a launchpad for commercializing open-source products and services that can significantly improve the built environment, and we help open-source ventures become financially sustainable in pursuit of long-term stability for the open-source movement and its values.
Corporate Engagement: We actively encourage corporate participation in committing resources to open-source projects related to the built environment.
Accessibility: We aim to make the technologies employed in the built environment friendly to everyone and we aim to reduce barriers of entry to the HVAC profession and related trades.
Building Science Democratization: We strive to make building science accessible to everyone, including researchers, engineers, HVAC experts, business owners, and homeowners, to foster exploration, experimentation, long-term performance investments, and best practice validation.
Community Inclusiveness: Our community embraces students, homeowners, business owners, and HVAC professionals, valuing the diverse contributions each brings to our collective efforts.
HVAC Culture Evolution: By encouraging mutual understanding between stakeholders, we hope to expand the culture of HVAC into one of potential, community positivity, and the growth of those interested in the trade.

Community Activities

Standardized Open Datasets: We are committed to developing and providing open datasets, including rebate programs, design specifications, real-world building & equipment performance studies, weather patterns, and more, to facilitate industry research and development.
Project Hosting: Our platform serves as a hub for hosting a wide range of open-source HVAC projects. By providing a space for these projects, we encourage innovation and collaboration within the community.
Platform Documentation: Recognizing the importance of accessible information, we empower projects to maintain comprehensive documentation. This documentation is designed to assist members in navigating and utilizing OpenHVAC projects successfully.
Educational Programming: We offer a range of educational programs and resources aimed at enhancing understanding and skills in open-source technologies, building science, and HVAC systems. These programs cater to everyone from industry professionals to homeowners, encouraging mutual understanding between service providers and their clients.
Manufacturer Challenges with Bounties: We encourage manufacturers to present their specific challenges to the community, offering bounties as incentives for creative and effective solutions.