What is beestat?

Simply put: beestat is a free and open source data analytics platform for homeowners. The only requirement is that you own and use an ecobee thermostat (any model will do) in your home.

Advanced Analytics

The advanced analytics are beestat’s most powerful and defining feature. Using the past year of weather and runtime data (over 100k data points) and some static home properties, beestat generates a custom home profile that drives two key features: Temperature Profiles and Home Comparisons.

Temperature Profiles

Temperature Profiles are a transparent look at how your HVAC system performs across the outdoor temperature spectrum. You can use this chart to identify the rate at which your home will change temperature when heating, cooling, or doing nothing at all.

A screenshot of beestat showing the temperature profile of a home. A tooltip at 55°F shows the indoor temperature change when both the heat and aux heat are running.
This profile shows how fast the indoor temperature changes at the full range of outdoor temperatures.

The algorithm takes appropriate runtime samples, removes statistical outliers, and fits a linear trend line to the raw data. Homeowners can trivially find their system’s balance point, deduce how long it will take their home to heat or cool, or see how performance changes over time.

Home Comparisons

Having a profile of a home is great, but being able to compare that data to other homes can help determine where you actually stand. Ecobee’s Home IQ offers some basic monthly comparisons, but beestat exposes the truth in unparalleled detail.

These home comparisons show just where this home stands against other similar homes.

With over 40,000 synced thermostats across the US and Canada, homeowners have a way to compare their profile to hundreds or thousands of others. This can be filtered by region, system type, and home properties. Every beestat user automatically participates in this aggregate sharing.

Informed Decision-Making

When it comes to HVAC data, this is where the rubber meets the road. Beestat does an impressive job making data accessible, but the real win is when the data can be used to improve comfort, diagnose issues, and save money & energy.

Here are just a handful of wins from beestat users:

I’ve been utilizing the runtime per degree day for about two years to optimize my cost savings (and tinkering) with HVAC zoning, insulation and now flair vents.

I have done a ton of air sealing and insulation work and it has been so cool to be able to visually see the efficiency improvements.

Through beestat I could see that when the heat would kick in, my temps actually were dropping, and then forcing the ecobee to turn on the emergency heat strips. This was just burning through electricity.

I used beestat to perform system balancing (closing dampers), and help me position sensors better…It’s also helped me pinpoint some air leaks, and let me know which parts of my house need more insulation.

Beestat aggregates long-term data by day for trend analysis.
A 3D view can help visualize temperature gradients across a home.

The future

Beestat is part of the OpenHVAC movement, and joins alongside many other entrepreneurs, inventors, and leaders in the industry who are working to make a difference. The features that exist today are only the beginning, and lay the groundwork for the next generation of innovation in the residential and commercial HVAC space. Learn more about our efforts at and

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